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Why Invest In Wedding Gown Preservation?

After the expense of a wedding, you may be wondering if investing in wedding gown preservation is necessary. Remember that your wedding gown was the center piece of your wedding and one of the few items you can keep to remember your special day forever. With proper care, your wedding dress can be worn again by a daughter, friend younger sister or even a granddaughter. If no one else ever wears it, you and your family will still enjoy it for years to come if it is given proper wedding gown preservation.

After the wedding is over, many wedding dresses are left in the vinyl garment bag with good intentions of wedding gown preservation in the near future. However, those good intentions often turn into weeks, and even years. Procrastinating proper care for your wedding gown poses some serious risks:

Risks to Wedding Dress Without Wedding Gown Preservation

  • Oxidation of stains, visible and not visible. Your wedding dress may have noticeable spills from food or stains from make-up, or the hemline may be really dirty. Or your dress may look pretty clean, but don’t be fooled, clear spills from clear soda or alcoholic beverages may dry clear, but they will oxidize eventually, turn brown and can become very difficult to remove later on. Body perspiration may turn the dress lining brittle if not removed. Your wedding dress needs to be properly cleaned in order to keep it in good condition.
  • Plastic fumes. Wedding gowns kept in plastic wedding dress bags are subjected to the worst environment: plastic fumes. Most plastic releases chemical fumes that promote yellowing of bridal gowns. Some brides take the trouble to get their wedding dress cleaned, but then leave it in the dry-cleaner’s plastic bag or return it to their plastic bridal shop bag unaware of the damage being done.

Providing wedding gown preservation as soon as possible ensures that your wedding dress remains in optimal condition. Ideally, your wedding dress should be cleaned and preserved within a few weeks of your wedding.

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Why invest in wedding gown preservation